2017, Russia-Finland-Germany, 112 min., 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Boris Khlebnikov
  • Production
    Film Company Mars Media
    Film Company CTB
    with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
    Finnish Film Foundation
    NRW and Eurimages
  • Producers
    Ruben Dishdishian
    Sergei Selyanov
  • Cast
    Alexander Yatsenko
    Irina Gorbacheva
    Nikolai Shraiber
    Maxim Lagashkin
Oleg is a talented medical doctor and works for the emergency service, rushing from patient to patient. Oleg knows: his arrival can change everything. Every single success makes the world better. And importantly, often he tries the impossible. The rest can wait: family, career, life… What happened with his life? While Oleg saved others, his wife has despaired and applied for a divorce; and the new manager in the hospital is concerned only with statistics and regulations. But Oleg rushes from one call to the next, races along the road – to change everything. And who knows what’s easier: to save others or to save oneself?