2017, Russia, 95 min., 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Ksenia Zueva
  • Production
  • Producers
    Katerina Mikhailova
    Vladislav Pasternak
    Igor Fokin
  • Cast
    Andrei Stoyanov
    Elena Chekmazova
    Nadezhda Ivanova
    Danil Steklov
    Daniil Mozhaev
    Larissa Morozova
    Natalia Pavlenkova
Moscow, our days. A family of fi ve lives in a suburb in a small and quite poor apartment: the head of the family Efi m, his wife Ekaterina, her elderly mother and two teenage children, Anya and Andrei. Each has their job: the children are at school, going through all the diffi culties and pains of puberty, from fi rst love to alcohol and squabbles with teachers; the parents live in the mad rhythm of Moscow life, trying to earn money. Each of them has a whole range of problems, which worry them and require an outlet. Each of them dreams of support and human warmth. But, as so often happens, at home everything just gets worse: the mother fi ghts with the daughter, the father cold-shoulders the son, and the relationship between the parents has nothing in common with love and happy union. Everything is falling apart and life seems unbearable. The old lady, who lives in a separate room and is practically immobile and helpless, is the scapegoat…