2017, Russia, 79 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Vitali Suslin
  • Production
    Vitali Suslin
    with support from Mosfilm
  • Producer
    Vitali Suslin
  • Cast
    Ivan Lashin
    Tatyana Lashina
    Grigori Kokotkin
    Anna Makhlina
    Elena Kiseleva
    Mikhail Maltsev
    Vera Ter-Gabrielian
    Anastasia Goloshchapova
In a snowed-under village lives the shepherd Ivan Sergeyevich. Every morning he cleans up the manure and feeds the cows. Day after day goes by in this way. One winter morning a stranger arrives in the village in an expensive car and offers Ivan Sergeyevich good work in the city. Ivan Sergeyevich agrees with pleasure. The stranger takes Ivan Sergeyevich away from the village to the city…