2017, Russia, 104 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Kirill Pletnev
  • Production
    Film Company Mars Media
    Film Company Sputnik
    with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Producers
    Ruben Dishdishian
    Vadim Goryainov
  • Cast
    Inga Oboldina
    Victoria Isakova
    Vladimir Ilyin
    Anna Ukolova
    Alexei Shevchenkov
    Danil Steklov
    Tatyana Dogileva
    Alexandra Bortich
    Nikita Kologrivy
Alevtina Romanova is a prison matron in a penal colony for women. There is only one thing that makes her stand out from the image of the strict inspector: her voice. The most notable opera singer would be jealous of it. But she rejected a career as a singer in her distant childhood and now, only occasionally when nobody is around, she sings to herself. But however much Romashka [Camomile] – as her friends playfully call her – tries to stay unnoticed, one of the prisoners secretly records her on her phone and spreads the video on the Internet. The recording immediately goes viral. Alevtina is invited to Moscow to participate in the main song show of the country. The sincere desire awakens in her to change her life, but she is absolutely not ready for the competition. The only person able to help her get ready for the performance is the very same prisoner – a singer in the past.