2016, Russia, 86 min., 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Vadim Valiullin
  • Production
    From Outer Space Productions
  • Producers
    Mikhail Kukushkin
    Vadim Valiullin
    Artem Aisin
  • Cast
    Dmitri Bogdan
    Andrei Povedsky
    Alexei Derbunovich
    Valeri Grinkov
    Polina Shabaeva
    Nikolai Rikhter
    Vladislav Arslanov
    Tamara Adamova
    Alexei Smyshliaev
    Grigori Nikolaev
    Alexandrina Balandina
    Anton Boldyrev
A young guy is involved with a criminal gang, where his older brother is a member. The guy has to go on his fi rst real job together with experienced criminals to prove that he is fi t for the job. The gang has to carry out a murder and arrange everything as if it had been yet another crime of a serial maniac, who has been terrifying the city for several months. But on the day, the criminals clash with the real maniac, who has been attentively watching the imitated murder and is not satisfi ed with the quality of the job. Now the maniac opens the hunt on the murderers, to show how a real professional works – at the expense of their lives.