2017, Russia, 87 min., 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Ivan Shakhnazarov
  • Production
    Producers’ Centre VGIK-Debut
    with support from the Film Fund
  • Producers
    Vladimir Malyshev
    Fedor Popov
  • Cast
    Ivan Ivashkin
    Kirill Frolov
    Dmitri Chebotarev
    Nikita Tarasov
    Vitali Kishchenko
    Evgeni Stychkin
    Valeri Zhukov
    Georgi Pitskhelauri
    Evgeni Mundum
    Polina Severnaya
    Alexander Samoilenko
    Elena Safronova
    Elena Tarlo
The word “rok” in Russian means both rock music and fate. The fi lm’s heroes, who want to conquer the musical Olympus of Moscow, are accompanied by both. This troika is not even a group yet, not a team, and probably not even friends. But that’s at the beginning. The further the heroes leave home, the more dangerous their adventures and the people they met on the way become, and the more strongly the children change inside. The fi lm is a journey, a search of the self, where the road to the dream is the greatest, most dangerous and unforgettable adventure in the life of the young provincial musicians.