2016, Russia, 112 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Rybin
  • Production
    Film Company Shark
  • Producers
    Igor Gudkov
    Alexei Rybin
  • Cast
    Mikhail Sivorin
    Oksana Skakun
    Sergei Losev
    Igor Golovin
    Ivan Batarev
    Lydia Batareva
    Natalia Indeikina
The protagonist Mikhail Nosov is a simple worker. His life consists of work at the machine tool and loneliness in a small rented apartment, TV, the Internet and visiting cheap night clubs. Once Nosov gets acquainted with a prostitute by the name of Diana. Nosov likes Diana and hires her as escort. Diana should live in his apartment. However, Diana turns out completely different to what Nosov imagined her to be, and his life takes an abrupt turn: unexpectedly he goes against his fi rm principles, changes priorities and understands that life is not as onedimensional as it seemed to him from the conversations with colleagues and news programmes.