2016, Russia, 118 min., 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Kirill Serebrennikov
  • Production
  • Producers
    Ilya Stewart
    Diana Safarova
    Yuri Kozyrev
    Murad Osmann
    Svetlana Ustinova
    Katerina Komolova
    Ilya Dzhincharadze
  • Cast
    Petr Skvortsov
    Victoria Isakova
    Julia Aug
    Svetlana Bragarnik
    Alexander Gorchilin
    Alexandra Revenko
    Anton Vasiliev
    Nikolai Roshchin
    Irina Rudnitskaya
    Marina Kleshcheva
Based on the play by contemporary German playwright Marius von Mayenburg, “Martyr”. The world is not right. The world is bogged down with evil. There is a lot of lie, idle talk, hypocrisy. Virtue is scolded. Faith has been lost. The protagonist, the boy Benjamin, reckons that he knows everything about moral standards. How they should be observed, from whom they should be protected, what is good and what is bad. For those around him, his behaviour is a serious trial. This adolescent with a clear vision, shying away from dialogue with his female coevals, turns momentarily into a modern Tartuffe, capable of forcing a crowd to declare that black is white. The only person who tries to rescue the hero from himself is the biology teacher Elena Lvovna. However, all her attempts seem senseless, and in the end she must be saved, like any decent person who battles against fanaticism.