2016, Russia, 95 min., 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Oksana Karas
  • Production
    2D Celluloid
    Art Pictures Studio
  • Producers
    Vasili Soloviev
    Yuri Khrapov
    Anna Peskova
    Dmitri Rudovsky
  • Cast
    Semen Treskunov
    Konstantin Khabensky
    Mikhail Yefremov
    Ieva Andrejevaite
    Anastasia Bogatyryova
    Alexander Pal
    Tatiana Dogileva
    Irina Pegova
    Irina Denisova
    Andrei Karasevich
    Oleg Sokolov
“Good Boy” tells about six days from the life of the widely-read and – for his age quite self-confi dent – sixth-former Kolya Smirnov. The week begins with a kaleidoscope of events. First, Kolya falls in love with his teacher. Second, someone sets fi re to the school’s extension that houses the new computers. Third, the headmaster’s daughter Ksiusha, who is in the year above Kolya, falls in love with him, having decided that it was Kolya who burnt down the school. Well, and to top it all, Kolya’s dad declares the family’s transition to 12/36 regime, which does not allow our protagonist to sleep and focus his mind. There are only a few days left until the Saturday school party, where all the characters of this comedy of human foibles and illusions will come together: the boy must sort out his love life, investigate arson, and fi gure out how to get along with his parents. Suddenly, the headmaster makes him an unexpected offer...