2015, Russia, 70 min., 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Denis Shabaev
  • Production
    Marina Razbezhkina’s Workshop
  • Producer
    Marina Razbezhkina
The film’s protagonist, the gastarbeiter Farrukh, lives in a little shack in the surburbs of Moscow together with his family: father, mother, and brothers; he has to accept any job that brings in even the smallest amount of money. But that’s not why he came here from Tajikistan, leaving behind his wife and small children. He wants to become a great actor… Yet Farrukh is trapped in a circle of mutually exclusive circumstances: his dream of the big screen, his position as an illegal migrant worker, and the traditional foundation of a Muslim family, which demands the observance of the laws of the Koran. At some point Farrukh has to make a choice...