2014, Russia, 70 minutes, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Tamara Dondurei
  • Production
    Marina Razbezhkina’s Workshop
  • Producer
    Marina Razbezhkina
21 days is the term which patients can spend in a hospice. The time here pulsates according to internal cycles: it suddenly compresses, then stretches, before returning to its usual pace. The wards change, and so do the memories and the faces. The stories of two central characters are alternated. They are casual friends, for whom conversations about death have become part of life. Irina Mikhailovna often speaks about euthanasia, although she is attracted by life. Sergei Aleksandrovich, on the contrary, is not ready to leave his relatives, but his condition worsens. The fi lm “21 Days” is not a journalistic report, but cinematic research of human fears; and – most importantly – about the ability to overcome those fears.