2014, Russia, 95 minutes, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Oksana Bychkova
  • Production
    Gosfi lmofond RF
  • Producers
    Nikolai Borodachev
    Arnold Tatarintsev
    Mikhail Rozentsveig
    Vasili Shilnikov
  • Cast
    Nadezhda Lumpova
    Alexei Filimonov
Egor and Zhenya rent a small apartment in a suburb; they are about 25 years old and touchingly in love with each other. Zhenya recently got a job in a fashionable Internet-edition and is ecstatic about her new work. Egor is a guy without ambition: he drives a taxi at night and sleeps during the day. He is jealous of Zhenya’s journalistic circles and especially of one of her colleagues. Day after day he stages scenes from a married life, which become ever harsher, the pride ever louder, and the insult ever deeper. At last, after another quarrel, Egor tells Zhenya: “Let’s break up.”