2014, Russia, 91 minutes, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Nigina Saifullayeva
  • Production
    Production Firm of Igor Tolstunov (ProFIT)
    Film Company “Drug-druga”
  • Producers
    Sergei Kozlov
    Sergei Kornikhin
    Anna Kagarlitskaya
  • Cast
    Konstantin Lavronenko
    Sasha Bortich
    Marina Vasilieva
    Kirill Kaganovich
    Anna Kotova
The 17-year-old Muscovites Olya and Sasha go to the Crimea to get acquainted with Olya’s father Sergei. Sergei has lived all his life in a small seaside settlement and has never seen his only daughter. On the threshold of his house, Olya gets frightened of the encounter and asks Sasha “to swap places”. Sasha is introduced as Olya, that is the daughter, while Olya declares herself to be the girl’s friend. First this game is amusing, but they do not suspect that their innocent joke would turn into a drama that turns everybody’s life upside down.