2013/2014, Russia, 95 minutes, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Natalia Meshchaninova
  • Production
    First Creative Association
    Look Film
  • Producers
    Elena Stepanischeva
    Zaur Bolotaev
    Alexander Plotnikov
    Petr Gudkov
    Evgeni Semin
  • Cast
    Daria Savelieva
    Polina Shanina
    Ivan Prill
    Stepan Devonin
    Alexandra Makarskaya
    Ksenia Radchenko
    Daniil Steklov
    Sergei Ovchinnikov
    Maxim Stoyanov
    Dmitri Kubasov
    Irina Gavra
Sveta loves her boyfriend, who lives on Skype, loathes his training in the clinic and hates her rival, a prostitute whom all her friends love. Dan drives a taxi, but dreams of his own business. Alesha performs magic tricks at parties, but wants to become the richest artist in town. Serezha, Yana and Ruslana work at the factory, but they live for their musical group. It’s only a few steps to a bright future, but these steps are so diffi cult; it’s easier to colour the present with love, alcohol and music. Thus young people spend their time everywhere on the planet – even if this point is located at the Polar circle, where the harsh winter lasts half a year, and the polar nights a month and a half. The teenagers live in cheerful inactivity and a bubble of timelessness – on the fragments of the Soviet empire and on the bones of prisoners from Stalin’s camps who constructed their northern city. Who of them stays here, who has the strength to take a step towards their own future – and at what cost does that step come?