2014, Russia, 92 minutes, 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Evgeni Sheliakin
  • Production
    Media Universal Event
  • Producers
    Binke Anisimov
    Ibragim Magomedov
    Andrei Galanov
    Elena Galanova
  • Cast
    Alexei Chadov
    Merab Ninidze
    Sergei Makovetsky
    Maria Andreeva
    Sergei Godin
    Guram Bablishvili
    Andrei Rudensky
The young nationalist Yaroslav and the Caucasian rascal Nurik collide in the club of their mutual enemy. In the fi ght one perishes from injuries of his own knife, the other loses consciousness. Having regained consciousness, Yaroslav fi nds himself tied up onboard a rusty ship in the middle of a huge lake. And Nurik, whom he had killed, returns to the world as his guardian angel. At fi rst sight this is a humiliating reality: the heroes have to live with it for the next fi ve days as they make their way to Moscow, where Yaroslav has to appear in court as witness in the case of a friend’s murder. The journey through the country, without money, documents and connections, is unpredictable and dangerous. Especially if your guardian angel is a Caucasian. who has just left prison. And especially if you are pursued by the owner of the club where your guardian angel has stolen something very precious.