2013, Russia, 120 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Alexander Veledinsky
  • Production
    Studio Krasnaya Strela
    Studio Marmot Film
    with support from the Cinema Fund and the Ministry of Culture
    Youth Policy and Mass Communications of the Perm Region
  • Producers
    Vadim Goryainov
    Leonid Lebedev
    Valeri Todorovsky
  • Cast
    Konstantin Khabensky
    Elena Liadova
    Alexander Robak
    Yevgenia Brik
    Yevgenia Kregzhde
    Anna Ukolova
    Maxim Lagashkin
    Agrippina Steklova
    Anfi sa Chernykh
    Andrei Prytkov
    Ilya Ilinykh
    Anna Siniakina
The young biologist Viktor Sluzhkin works as a geography teacher in an ordinary school in Perm for need of money. He struggles at fi rst, then makes friends with the pupils, clashes with the head of studies, and takes the fi nalists on a trip along the river. He also drinks wine with his friends, and tries to get along with his wife, and takes his daughter to the kindergarten. He simply lives… But Alexei Ivanov wrote this simple private story so desperately and so gently, with the resonant phrase “the geographer has drunk away the globe”, as happens only with remarkable books when they become a story about everyone: everyone who at least once got muddled and lost in his life; everyone who sometimes felt as lonely as Viktor Sluzhkin; and everyone who – despite loneliness and melancholy – never lost the ability to feel and to love.