2013, Russia, 116 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Maksim Panfilov
  • Production
    Film Company “Vera”
    with participation of the Television Channel Rossiya
    and fi nancial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Producers
    Maksim Panfilov
    Andrei Osipov
    Alexander Kushaev
  • Executive producer
    Igor Fedorovsky
  • Cast
    Karolina Gruszka
    Dmitri Diuzhev
    Bobur Yuldashev
    Andrei Merzlikin
    Lola Eltaeva
    Nargis Abdullaeva
    Aziza Begmatova
    Anastasia Smoktunovskaya
    Samira Khusenova
She is from Sevastopol. He is from an Uzbek kishlak and has two wives. She runs with her children from the war and fi nds refuge in his house. She becomes his third wife and gives birth to his son. She does not know that her husband, a lieutenant of the Black Sea Fleet, is alive.