2013, Russia, 94 min., 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Yuri Bykov
  • Production
    Rock Films
  • Producers
    Alexei Uchitel
    Kira Saksaganskaya
  • Cast
    Denis Shvedov
    Irina Nizina
    Ilya Isaev
    Yuri Bykov
    Dmitri Kulichkov
    Kirill Polukhin
    Boris Nevzorov
What if, one day, you make a mistake that changes your entire life, yours and that of your relatives? What are you prepared to do to protect them? Would you be prepared to take the consequences? That day, the wife of the police offi cer Major Sergei Sobolev is about to give birth. Crazy with joy, he rushes to the maternity clinic, but hits a boy on a pedestrian crossing. The choice is not great: to go to prison or stay free. First, Sobolev fi nds a compromise with his conscience, yet this causes a series of deaths; when he decides to expiate his guilt, he has to oppose the system, and it’s too late... The events follow a natural chain of events and put many people before the choice: to cross the line or not, when morals, duty and conscience cost lives... Yours and that of your relatives. And the Major is just an ordinary man.