2013, Russia, 90 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Yusup Razykov
  • Production
    Company “Cultural Initiatives”
  • Producers
    Vladimir Malyshev
    Andrei Malyshev
  • Cast
    Maria Semenova
    Elena Korobeinikova
    Helga Fillipova
    Seseg Khapsasova
    Ivan Ryzhikov
Between the numerous fjords of the Kola Peninsula there lies a remote settlement where the families of submariners and border guards live. The base is about to be closed down, and all the inhabitants worry about their future. In the settlement there is a young woman, Lena, who has just married the submarine captain Lieutenant Pavel Komlev. She has married not out of love, but wishing to change her life. During the last journey the submarine suffers an accident.