2012, Russia-Germany-France-Belgium-Kazakhstan-Ukraine, 105 min., 0+
about the film
  • Director
    Bakhtyar Khudoinazarov
  • Production
    Film Company “Vvys”
    Pallas Film (Germany)
    Silkroad Production (France)
    Entre Chienet Loup(Belgium)
    Cinema Project Group-Lanabond (Ukraine)
    National Producers’ Center “Bayterek” (Kazakhstan)
    Company “Kinolitpros”
  • Producers
    Bakhtyar Khudoinazarov
    Rusht Rushtov
    Marina Ionko
    Alexander Sosis
    Mikhail Yakovlev
    Thanassis Karathanos
    Karl Baumgartner
    Behrooz Hashemian
    Setareh Farsi
    Sebastien Delloye
    Diana Elbaum
    Benoît Roland
    Arman Assenov
  • Cast
    Yegor Beroev
    Anastasia Mikulchina
    Detlev Buck
    Dinmukhamet Akhimov
    Pavel Priluchny
Captain Marat is rather lucky and successful: he has a young beautiful wife, a high-speed seiner, an amicable crew. Even the fi sh goes into his nets – that’s what the whole town says. But once he fi nds himself in a storm and loses everything. Having been to prison for several years after his ship and crew perished, Marat returns to the small town. He learns that even the sea has receded, and what used to be a prosperous small fi shing town has in no time turned into a salty desert. Marat decides to restore his ship and reach the sea. On the way to the sea he must fi nd faith in himself, new friends, a new life and love.