2011, Russia, 100 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Vsevolod Benigsen
  • Production
  • General producer
    Tatiana Voronetskaya
  • Cast
    Alexei Kolubkov
    Nadezhda Gorelova
    Alexander Makogon
    Yulia Voznesenskaya
    Oleg Kharitonov
    Maria Surova
    Karen Martirosian
    Nadezhda Ivanova
    Andrei Kopytov
    Semen Treskunov
    Anton Eldarov
    Yaroslav Zhalnin
    Ivan Smelik
    Vsevolod Khabarov
    Anatoli Khropov
    Yevgeni Dzhuraev
A small provincial Russian town. The film begins with a short dialogue between the deputy mayor and the town’s chief architect. They sit in a car and look at an old five-storey building. The architect says that the house is in an emergency state and should either be pulled down or undergo major reconstruction. The deputy mayor only waves his arms: this house is going to stand for many years to come. The fi lm consists of four short stories, whose heroes and plots are connected among each other, among other things through the house itself, in which the four stories unfold.