2011, Russia, 120 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Vasili Sigarev
  • Production
    Film Company KOKTEBEL
    with financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Distribution Utopia
  • Producers
    Roman Borisevich
    Alexander Kushaev
  • Cast
    Olga Lapshina
    Yana Troyanova
    Alexei Filimonov
    Yevgeni Syty
    Anna Ukolova
    Dmitri Kulichkov
Life is not a form of existence for proteins. Man can feel and suffer, love and live his destiny, even if that destiny takes away the most precious things in his life: close people. It takes them away cruelly and suddenly, as happens to the heroes of the fi lm. It takes them away together with the meaning of life and the desire to live. It takes them away together with the rest of the world. But they are not ready to accept the loss: they challenge their destiny, declare war and go to the human limit in that fi ght. And further… But in their own way, they win!