2012, Russia, 100 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Svetlana Baskova
  • Production
    AD Studio
  • Producers
    Anatoli Osmolovsky
    Andrei Silvestrov
    Gleb Aleinikov
  • Cast
    Sergei Pakhomov
    Vladimir Yepifantsev
    Viktor Sergachev
    Lavrenti Svetlichny
    Alexander Kovalev
    Vladimir Yakovlev
    Denis Yakovlev
    Mikhail Kalinkin
2010, Russia. This fi lm is about a factory worker, who has organized an independent trade union with his comrades to help workers defend their rights; but under threats, blackmailed and by virtue of other circumstance he becomes a traitor for the people who trust him, and pays for it with his life. The plot is based on real events of today’s crisis, when production owners solve their problems on the back of the workforce, which has recently become impoverished. The idea consists in the display of the duality of the Russian character, which paradoxically merges cruelty and complacency, fi delity and treachery, envy and mutual help. The fi lm presents a cultural refl ection on Russia’s modern condition in view of its history and the spiritual baggage that has accumulated over several generations.