2011, Russia, 120 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Alexander Proshkin
  • Production
    Producers’ Film Company Kinomir
    with participation of Amkart and support of the Cinema Fund
  • General Producer
    Tatiana Yakovenko
  • Cast
    Viktoria Romanenko
    Rinal Mukhametov
    Andrei Panin
    Tatiana Yakovenko
    Sergei Dreiden
    Yekaterina Volkova
    Viktor Sukhorukov
    Dmitri Kulichkov
On the eve of the fi rst New Year after the war: the father of 16-year-old Sasha heroically died at the front, and her mother steals goods from the police dining room to feed the family, but is this really important for an ideologically grounded, young komsomol? Finding the mother in the arms of another man, Sasha feels betrayed. She goes to the police and writes a denunciation of her closest relation. “Mum, you will expiate your guilt”, the girl shouts at the crowd of arrested people, amongst whom her mother is led away. Her cold heart knows no love and is unable to forgive. Everything changes with the arrival in her life of a young man, August, who has come to her native city with one aim: to bury the bodies of his parents killed by the neighbour and hastily hidden away in the yard at home. Expiation is given through loss, and through feeling pity; Sasha learns to forgive and to love.