2012, Russia, 80 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Mizgirev
  • Production
    OOO “Masterskaia Pavla Lungina”
  • Producers
    Pavel Lungin
    Yevgeni Panfilov
  • Cast
    Oleg Vasilkov
    Azamat Nigmanov
    Dmitri Kulichkov
    Ruslana Doronina
    Ivan Akhadi
    Daniela Stoyanovich
    Yevgeni Antropov
    Taras Koliadov
    Alexei Gnilitsky
    Nikolai Kochura
    Nikolai Maltsev
At the film’s centre stands the story of an army Captain, who escorts a soldier-deserter to his unit. The two men spend a day in Moscow, where they clash with the realities of life in a modern megapolis: sometimes comic, sometimes tragic. The emerging friendship between the offi cer and the soldierdeserter changes the Captain’s attitude to life. The cynical Captain fi nds once again a meaning in life and faith in man.