2012, Russia, 105 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Mikhail Segal
  • Production
    Film Company RUmedia
  • Producers
    Anastasia Kavunovskaya
    Andrei Kretov
  • Cast
    Vladislav Leshkevich
    Darya Nosik
    Andrei Merzlikin
    Igor Ugolnikov
    Konstantin Yushkevich
    Andrei Petrov
    Liubov Novikova
    Tamara Mironova
The manuscript of a young writer is sent to a literary publishing house and begins to infl uence the life of everybody who opens it and reads even a page. The four stories from the manuscript are stories with an unpredictable outcome, four fi lm genres: and absurdist comedy, a social satire, a thriller, and a melodrama.