2012, Russia, 72 min. 30 sec.
about the film
  • Director
    Viktor Shamirov
  • Production
    Film Company “Stsena”
  • Producers
    Eduard Iloyan
    Gosha Kutsenko
    Andrei Novikov
    Alexei Trotsiuk
    Georgi Shabanov
    Viktor Shamirov
    Vitali Shliappo
  • Cast
    Gosha Kutsenko
    Viktor Shamirov
    Sasha Petrova
    Olesya Zhelezniak
    Alexander Robak
    Rita Shubina
    Pavel Sborshchikov
    Maria Poroshina
    Gerard McCarty
31 December. The traffi c in Moscow has come to a standstill, it is pointless to try and rush, and help does not ease the situation. Conversations about the infi nite trifl es that make up a life, and maybe it has already been made up and gone. About a father who has nothing left and who can do nothing. About the plans of a 15-year-old girl for her life, whether to become an oncologist or a food designer. About what was and what is now. This is a fi lm without a plot, but it captures the lyricism of rushing through life, set to Tariverdiev’s music, along with memories of happiness, of a time when “Irony of Fate” could actually comfort and encourage and inspire hope for the New Year and for a new life.