2012, Russia-Ukraine, 93 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Pavel Ruminov
  • Production
    Studio Kvartal 95
    Company Enjoy Movies
    Rock Films
  • Producers
    Vladimir Zelensky
    Sergei Shefir and Boris Shefir
    Andrei Yakovlev
    Georgi Malkov
    Alexei Uchitel
  • Cast
    Maria Shalaeva
    Roma Zenchuk
    Maria Semkina
    Ivan Volkov
    Alisa Khazanova
Inna is a successful young woman with an excellent sense of humour. She is a restaurant manager, who has earned the respect and love of colleagues and bosses alike. She also has a most important person in her life: her sixyear son Mitya, whom Inna raises alone. Mother and child entertain a touching, kind, caring relationship; they are not just best friends, but allies who support each other. Unexpectedly Inna is caught up by a terrible predicament: she is diagnosed with an incurable illness. Now the main thing is to fi nd new parents for little Mitya, otherwise the child will become a lonely orphan.