2012, Russia – Estonia, 85 min.
about the film
  • Directors
    Pavel Kostomarov
    Alexander Rastorguev
  • Production
    “Lenfilm” Production Centre
    ProLine Film
    Novy Kurs
    Marx Film (Estonia)
  • Producers
    Andrei Sigle
    Pavel Kostomarov
    Alexander Rastorguev
    Pavel Pechenkin
    Vladimir Sokolov
    Maxim Tuula
    Maria Gavrilova
  • Cast
    Viktoria Shevtsova
    Yevgeni Borisov
    Artem Sotnikov
Some bed scenes fi lmed by a home camera: the accidental pressing of the REC button at the height of sorting out relationships. The scandal goes over into sex, confessions of love and hysteria. Jealousy, outbursts and reconciliation. Erotic whispers and everyday screams. Home video from a working-class suburb.