2011, Russia, 96 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Konstantin Buslov
  • Production
    Film Company СТВ
  • Producer
    Sergei Selianov
  • Cast
    Maria Berseneva
    Roman Madianov
    Giya Gogishvili
    Georgi Gurguliya
    Mikhail Meskhi
    Yakov Kucherevsky
    Vladimir Sychev
    Kirill Safonov
    Sergei Nasibov
    Sergei Bolotaev
Criminal comedy. Moscow in our days. In the city centre, two thieves steal a bag with one million Euros from a car, thinking that at last they’re in luck; yet they cannot even fathom what they got themselves into. A proper hunt for this money begins. Neither petty thieves, nor the police, nor the gangsters can resist the temptation. The sum – in the form of two packs of notes of half a million each – makes different people behave in the same way. And all this started because the “millionaire” Grigori did not want to pay his taxes.