2010, Russia, 73 min.
about the film
  • Directors
    Alisa Khmelnitskaya
    Rezo Gigineishvili
  • Production
    Company “Alliance”
    Company “VVYS”
  • Producers
    Rezo Gigineishvili
    Maxim Korolev
    Gennadi Ostrovsky
    Bakhtior Khudoinazarov
  • Cast
    Vera Voronkova
    Nadezhda Mikhalkova
    Anna Mikhalkova
    Mikhail Porechenkov
    Artur Smolianinov
    Sergei Gazarov
    Polina Filonenko
    Alexander Sirin
    Petr Fedorov
    Anton Shagin
    Leonid Gromov
    Deni Dadaev
    Mikhail Yevlanov
    Sergei Kozik
The passengers of an evening flight have fastened their seat belts and are ready for take-off. But the flight is postponed until the morning. The passengers unfasten their seat belts again and leave the terminal. Drops of slanting rain gleam under a streetlight. In a puddle two female silhouettes are reflected. Two women, casual fellow travellers, embark on a journey into the Moscow night. They change cars and their mood changes; they race along the ring road and the boulevards; they cry and laugh: it seems they can do anything during this strange night, as if they had dropped out of real life. They can do anything: suffer, love, hate. There is only one thing they cannot do: part. One single idea moves them, one passion: its name is MAN.