2011, Russia, 95 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Roman Karimov
  • Production
  • Producers
    Gevorg Nersisyan
    Armen Adilkhanyan
    Mikhail Kukushkin
  • Cast
    Nikita Dyuvbanov
    Ivan Nikolaev
    Ravshana Kurkova
    Artem Tkachenko
    Irina Vilkova
    Alexander Plyuschev
    Evgenia Abramova
    Kristina Kazurova
    Alexander Dulschikov
    Pavel Dikan
    Dmitri Smolev
    Alexei Yurin
    Vladimir Kadatsky
    Alexander Kabik
    Ingrid Olerinskaya
    Polina Iosilevich
    Daria Charusha
A black comedy. What do we do with people who disturb our lives? Can we kill them? And are we capable of murder? And who can actually kill? … Two maniac girls knock down a cyclist, kill a paedophile, steal the car of a filthy glamour-star… … A well-known DJ presents a scandalous show where he finishes off his audience. After the next radio transmission the DJ is kidnapped… … A wife, who dreams of leaving her husband, invites her boss and lover to her birthday. While they go to get cigarettes, a murder happens in the house… The heroes’ paths in the stories that make up this cruelly absurd black comedy come together on a country highway, when destiny dots the “i’s” and crosses the “t’s”.