2011, Russia, 104 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Vladimir Kott
  • Production
    TVINDIE Film production
  • Producer
    Yevgeni Gindilis
  • Cast
    Nikolai Dobrynin
    Boris Kamorzin
    Leonid Gromov
    Evgenia Dobrovolskaya
    Olga Onischenko
    Daria Semenova
    Polina Filonenko
The policeman Gromov, the doctor Kaminsky and the taxi driver Mozerov were once classmates. They played together in the school ensemble “Gromozeka”, and were popular among their peers and feared by the teachers. Now they are about forty years old, and life has treated each of them quite harshly. Their paths do not cross. But at a reunion party the participants of “Gromozeka” get together again to play the hits of the 80s… The film participated in the competition of the 40th Rotterdam IFF