2010, Russia, 80 min.
about the film
  • Directors
    Sergei Shvydkoi
    Fuad Ibragimbekov
  • Production
  • Producers
    Giya Lordkipanidze
    Alexander Shein
    Viktor Taknov
  • Cast
    Alexander Ratnikov
    Yevgeni Tsyganov
    Yevgenia Osipova
    Alexei Barabash
    Larissa Baranova
    Yulia Mavrina
    Ekaterina Klimova
    Pavel Barshak
The action takes place in a fictional city which is very reminiscent of Moscow. The film’s heroes – including producers, television presenters, DJs – speak a lot about love, but are unable to feel it. They argue about something they do not understand. They are charming and successful, and live in a convenient and cushioned world that matches the balance of their credit cards. They lead an active, but empty and idle life. At some moment, the protagonist is overcome by a fear of his own death. His cosy world starts to crumble, laying bare the surrounding reality which atones for the mistakes of the past, and at the same time showing a new future. And what that holds depends on whether the hero can find himself.