2011, Russia, 108 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Alexander Gordon
  • Production
    In Motion Ltd.
  • Producers
    Yelena Yatsura
    Alexei Sonk
  • Cast
    Oksana Fandera
    Alexei Levinsky
    Ada Rogovtseva
    Yevgeni Tsyganov
    Bogdan Stupka
    Katerine Spitsa
    Christian Zheregi
    Anna Slyu
    Natalia Fisson
Tragicomedy. Odessa, 1958. The mistress of a small brothel is a real beauty with a strong personality, a character who is at once deep and tragicomic. Mum Liuba quits her job. Her future is to become the wife of a sea captain and to spend the best years of her life quietly and without worries. Instead of the well-off captain, Liuba chooses the fragile poet and soothsayer Adam. The plan for her personal life changes suddenly. As Mum Liuba says, “a shame for people, especially everybody”.