2011, Russia, 99 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Vitali Mansky
  • Production
    VERTOV. Real Cinema Ltd.
    GENFILM Ltd.
  • Producers
    Gennadi Kostrov
    Natalia Manskaya
What do we imagine when we hear Cuba? Especially someone who has never been on this island state in the Caribbean. Most likely, a cabriolet with a happy, blond young men in a coloured shirt and with a cocktail in his hands, amongst dancing mulatto, whose eyes reflect the boundless ocean. Of all this, only the ocean really exists, which separates the island from rest of the world. Perhaps there is no other country, where the difference between image and reality is as great as on Cuba. Over 50 years the state has lived with the slogan of the victorious revolution “Fatherland or Death”. For 50 years this slogan has posed an essential dilemma for generations of Cubans. This film is about those, who were born before the revolution and now approach the end of their lives: when it emerges that between “fatherland” and “death” stands an equal sign.