2009, Russia, 88 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Yusup razykov
  • Production
    with participation from the Ministry of culture of the russian federation
  • Producers
    vladimir Malyshev
    andrei Malyshev
  • Cast
    Bakhadyr Boltaev
    Darya gorshkaleva
    natalia grebenkina
    rano shadieva
    alexander pashutin
    Mikhail samokhvalov
    ivan ryzhikov
    Djalol Yusupov
Drama. The old Sadyk has lived a life, which has brought him only losses: the war, the camp, his wife’s death, the premature death of his son. So he has turned away from life. He lives like a vegetable, awaiting his death. Until, one day, a tragic event brings him back to reality: his grandson, who has gone to earn money in Russia, has disappeared. His wife is in despair and does not know where to go with her woe; the only man in the house is old Sadyk, who is confined to his bed. But the old man rises literally from his deathbed and goes to Moscow to search his grandson Aman…