another sKY
2010, Russia, 89 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Dmitri Mamuliya
  • Production
    Metronomefilm / arsen gotlib production
  • Producer
    arsen gotlib
  • Cast
    habib Boufares
    amirza Muhamadi
    Mitra Zahedi
Drama. Ali, who wanders through the vast, deserted spaces of central asia with his herds, travels to the megapolis to find his wife, who left him many years ago when she went to the city to earn money. In Ali’s tow is their nine-year-old son. Ali looks for his wife everywhere, and searches for her – alive or dead. A silent stranger, he wanders the labyrinths of the unknown city. In this long and hopeless search, he is driven by love; it helps him uncover Dante’s secret of his terrible inconsistency. Love is no match for life. But he has to go his way right to the end to unravel his destiny. Yet destiny requires an unreasonable payment. When the journey ends, when he has gone the whole way, he will come back to the surface of the earth. But under his feet there will already be another earth, and above him there will be another sky.