the golDen Mean
2009, Russia, 95 min
about the film
  • Director
    sergei Debizhev
  • Production
    saint petersburg sDf (studio of Documentary film)
  • General Producers
    viacheslav telnov
    sergei fedotov
  • Cast
    alexei serebriakov
    Ksenia rappoport
    renata litvinova
    nikolai Marton
    viktor verzhbitsky
    Mikhail efremov
    arkadi volgin
    sergei Bugaev (“africa”)
Adventure drama. Alexander, a trendy filmmaker, sees in a french magazine an old photo that shows, to his surprise, his grandfather. The only discrepancy lies in the fact that the photo was taken in 1948 in colonial cambodia, while his grandfather – as he knows for certain – perished during the second World War. Furthermore, he finds out that an inheritance has been waiting for him in paris for many years. In his time, alexander’s grandfather, a brilliant russian officer, studied aeronautics in france and married a french aristocrat – and fearless aviatress. During the second World War he fought with the legendary “Normandie–Nieman” squadron; after the war he appeared in the french colony in Cambodia, where he acquires a statue of the “golden Buddha”. In order to bring light into this story, Alexander goes to paris, where he meets André Perrault, the man who took the photo that stands at the beginning of this story...