Missing Man
2010, russia, 96 min.
about the film
  • Director
    anna fenchenko
  • Production
    proline film
  • Producers
    andrei sigle
    stanislav ershov
  • Cast
    andrei filippak
    rasim Djafarov
    polina (Julia) Kamanina
    liudmila geroeva
    Juris lautsinysh
Social-psychological drama. The protagonist is a computer programmer. he is perfectly content with his selfisolation in the world, which allows him to lead a reasonable and comfortable life. One day this illusory independence collapses: by a coincidence of events he loses everything: his house, his work, his passport, and even his name. He seems to be caught up in a series of strange incidents that look like adventures, yet stripped of the opportunity to take his destiny into his hands. He becomes a man on the run, who tries to save himself while being entirely dependent on others. In an unfamiliar environment and experiencing strange peripetias, he literally finds himself in a dream where everything real is an obstacle to waking his consciousness. He just has to wake up and stop his senseless run – and think about the main question …