2010, russia, 93 min.
about the film
  • Director
    anna Matison
  • Production
    huckleberry film
  • Producers
    irina Yutkina
    alexander orlov
  • Cast
    Yevgeni grishkovets
    Denis Burgazliev
    tatiana skorokhodova
    georgi nakashidze
Psychological drama. One has committed an act of treachery; the other has challenged him to a duel. the reason is a woman; the weapon is alcohol. Defeat will be declared to whoever is the first to drop out. They drink according to strict rules that are closely watched by their seconds. The rules include a list of topics that has been prepared in advance. For discussion are themes of money; friendship; children; and loneliness. Each of these offers an occasion to side with one or the other protagonist. A million dollars and an opportunity to live after what has happened are at stake.