2010, russia, 88 min.
about the film
  • Director
    vladimir Karabanov
  • Production
    telesto (tele-hundred)
    rock films
  • Producers
    elena glikman
    Yaroslav Zhivov
    alexei uchitel
  • Cast
    sergei shnurov
    anastasia Bagrova
    ivan Zhidkov
    anna Banshchikova
    Yuri tsurilo
    irina shevchuk
    alexander adabashian
Adventure melodrama. In the circus arena the show is under way; agitation behind the scenes: the audience’s darling, the elephant Bodhi, trumpets in pain without letting anyone approach him. the circus vet reaches an unfavourable conclusion, and the directrice sends her “merited” artist to be put down. He is to be accompanied by the young clown-ess Bonnie on his last journey. She, together with the laconic truck driver Zarezin, has two days to get through a series of adventures into which Bodhi will draw them. Zarezin will have the unique chance of getting back his family. he takes the elephant to the house that he left years ago, when his wife told him she was going to bear him a child.