2010, Ukraine / Germany / Netherlands, 128 min.
about the film
  • Director
    sergei loznitsa
  • Production
    sota cinema group (ukraine)
    Ma.Ja.De (germany)
    lemming film (netherlands)
  • Producers
    heino Deckert
    oleg Kohan
    Joost de vries
    leontine petit
  • Cast
    viktor nemets
    catalin Dordea
    vladimir golovin
    olga shuvalova
    alexei vertkov
    Boris Kamorzin
    timofei tribuntsev
    Maria varsami
    vlad ivanov
Road movie / Drama. The trucker georgi leaves his adulterous wife behind when he embarks on a long and difficult journey. His truck comes off the road and he gets lost in the wild open spaces of the russian provinces, only slowly reaching his destination. On his way the driver meets different people and immerses himself in a world that transforms his personality: the world of fear, cruelty and treachery.