the Man at the WinDoW
2010, Russia, 96 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Dmitri Meskhiev
  • Production
    cherepakha (turtle)
  • Producers
    sergei shumakov
    sergei Melkumov
    Dmitri Meskhiev
  • Cast
    Yuri stoianov
    sergei garmash
    Kristina Kuzmina
    vladimir vdovichenkov
    Maria Zvonariova
The actor alexander Dronov, whom everyone calls shura, is just over fifty. Apparently he has not achieved anything in life that would make him happy. he did not make it as an actor and leaves the theatre even before the curtain call; he did not make it as husband and father: his son is far away and his wife co-habits the flat out of habit; he did not make it as friend – the only person he is close to and with whom he shares his dressing room actually despises shura. not young, not successful, not handsome… And still, Dronov has his own business to mind. he is a Man at the WinDoW. He can put any words into the mouths of those he observes; he can send them into the right direction, and change their destiny. He can do a lot, but nothing for himself.