act of nature
2010, Russia, 73 min.
about the film
  • Directors
    Alexander Lungin
    Sergei Osipyan
  • Production
    address film
  • Producers
    violetta Krechetova
    artyom vasiliev
    andrei Bondarenko
    alexander lungin
    sergei osipyan
    alexei Karakhan
    Dmitri gorelik
  • Cast
    gleb podgorodinsky
    Ksenia Kutepova
    Mikhail palatnik
    fedor lavrov
    igor chernevich
Drama based on the stories of Yuri Koval. A day from the life of the Muscovite Yuri, who is stuck in a remote, northern village. He should have been back in the city for a long time, and yet he wanders through sad, deserted, autumnal fields and forests. His wife and his best friend force him to return to his usual life. But it seems that Yuri is comprehending something very important. He abandons those he loves and remains one to one with nature. But the world of nature plays by its own rules.