2008, Russia, 90 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Ivan Dykhovichny
  • Production
  • Producer
    Gleb Shagun
  • Cast
    Tatiana Lazareva
    Olga Medynich
    Dmitri Dykhovichny
    Ksenia Katalymova
    Nodari Djanelidze
    Sergei Shnurov
    Svetlana Obidina
    Natalia Parashkina
    Vitali Khaev
    Polina Filonenko
    Artur Vakha
    Roman Ageev
    Fedor Lavrov
    Ivan Urgant
    Ksenia Sobchak
The road between Moscow and Ekaterinburg, the border between Europe and Asia. The trustworthy businessman Keke (Shnur) finds himself in the epicentre of a rather unusual wedding party. The bride’s veil and the groom’s and witnesses’ suits merely hide a group of tricksters who cynically and minutely take their turn with every traveller on the road. Under the direction of the “bride’s mum” (Lazareva) they play incredibly witty criminal tricks, drawing as spectators, accomplices and victims a whole host of social groups, from PR managers and think-tankers, Chinese and Hungarian, policemen and gangsters, poor children of some nomadic group and, of course, foreign tourists, who nostalgically remember the Russia they left a long time ago…