2009, Russia, 107 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Klim Shipenko
  • Production
    GP Group
  • Producers
    Valentina Mikhaleva
    Lev Karakhan
  • General Producer
    Galina Sementseva
  • Cast
    Tatiana Vasilieva
    Evgeni Pronin
    Konstantin Soloviev
    Mikhail Babichev
    Vladimir Simonov
    Boris Khvoshniansky
    Olga Lomonosova
    Anatoli Lobotsky
    Ksenia Buravskaya
    Oleg Dolin
    Konstantin Demidov
    Alexander Demidov
Criminal melodrama. There are six of them: Andrei, Lex, Silver, Fox, Dean and Dina. They are young, desperate, and ready to take any risk. Alisa is the mistress of a seedy place and offers them good money for taking revenge on Vladik, the love of her life that hasn’t come true. But this is “no easy money”, as Alisa warns them in all fairness. Why do they agree? Everyone has their own reason for their decision. First, the protagonists do not really know each other. But bold, criminal destinies gradually bring them together – until they meet Alisa. They do not regret that life went the way it did, and not differently. They like the freedom on the border of foul game, and they do not ask for forgiveness, even in the face of death. The most terrifying thing has already happened to them.