2008, Russia, 88 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Vera Storozheva
  • Production
    “SV Aurum”
    with participation from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Producer
    Vera Storozheva
  • Cast
    Olga Popova
    Ksenia Kutepova
    Sergei Puskepalis
    Dmitri Chernov
    Nikolai Libikov
    Sergei Popov
Drama. The action unfolds on the farmstead of a nunnery far from the city, where some vagabonds have gathered – a dozen people with their own stories and personal tragedies. They build a church and help with the farmstead which is run by mother Katerina and her assistant, the 18-year-old lay sister Olya – an unsuitably simple-hearted girl, always full of admiration and yet constantly duped. Ekaterina has taken her from an orphanage. One day the businessman Pasha arrives at the monastic farmstead, and with his appearance comes also anxiety. The master of his life, Pasha does not yet know that is fatally ill. Only Olya feels the illness deep inside him; she pities him and loves with her naive children’s soul. This helps Pasha – and with the arrival of spring he regains control of his life…