2009, Russia, 96 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Larissa Sadilova
  • Production
  • Producer
    Rustam Akhadov
  • Cast
    Victor Sukhorukov
    Oleg Frolenkov
    Oleg Bokhan
    Evgenia Simonova
    Ksenia Surkova
    Yuri Kiselev
    Alexander Isaev
Psychological drama. A small provincial town in the middle of Russia, and not quite an ordinary family: a father and a teenage son. The father does not drink but works hard, so that his son would not be in want of anything. Andrei studies at college, the only institution in town for training young people. One day, a hitch-hiking girl appears in his company, and the boy disappears … The actors of Bryansk theatres and the townspeople of Trubchevska, Bryansk Region, participated in the film.