2008, Russia, 104 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Mikhail Kalatozishvili
  • Production
    Mikhail Kalatozov Fund
    Studio Barmalei
  • Producers
    Mikhail Kalatozishvili
    Sergei Snezhkin
    Andrei Bondarenko
  • Cast
    Oleg Dolin
    Alexander Ilyin Sr
    Alexander Ilyin Jr.
    Roman Madianov
    Irina Butanaeva
    Alexander Korshunov
    Daniela Stoyanovich
    Petr Stupin
    Yuri Stepanov
    Juris Lautsinysh
Drama. Mitya stood at the gate and looked on to the steppe. The wind behind his back drove the dust and straw across the courtyard, knocked at a window-shutter somewhere in the house. In the courtyard old stuff is scattered about: an old cart and pots; a motorcycle with a buddy-seat stood in the shed. On top of the roof, on a high pole hung a white flag with a red cross. Without taking his eyes off it, Mitya stared at one and the same point. There, about a kilometer away, on the crest of a hill, there stood a man who looked in his direction Mitya is a doctor. His practice has only just opened. Soon the patients will come. First a man is brought here, who has half drunk himself to his death; another drags along his cow, demanding for it to be treated immediately. A man on horseback arrives: the shepherd was struck by lightning. And a beautiful girl appears, the daughter of the steppe. He promises to wait for his bride from the photo. The bride arrives, but not for ever...